Top Rated Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

Located near the Illinois Medical District in Chicago on Ogden & Western Avenue!

1301 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608 


Here at THC Center, we pride ourselves on our large, extensive inventory, world-class patient care, and our empathetic employees. Our service is second to none. Experience the difference at THC Center for yourself !

Largest Inventory of Medical Marijuana Cannabis Products in Illinois

Flowering Plant Leaves


Guaranteed fresh, all of our flowers are tested and we require all lab results for our products. Whatever strain you decide to leave with, you will know it is the highest-grade cannabis available.

Flowering Plant Bud


Safely-extracted, clean and reliable in an assortment of strains and forms that provide the consistent and relaxing effect you have been searching for.


Crafted with care, and infused with ultra-clean concentrate. Leave your taste buds happy.


A new way of consuming marijuana with oils, lotions, and balms. Perfect for those achy, problem areas.


The tools to aid in your relief; glass, vaporizers, papers and more.


Become one with nature using our natural remedies.