Top Rated Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

Located near the Illinois Medical District in Chicago on Ogden & Western Avenue!

1301 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608 


Here at THC Center, we pride ourselves on our large, extensive inventory, world-class patient care, and our empathetic employees. Our service is second to none. Experience the difference at THC Center for yourself !

Largest Inventory of Medical Marijuana Cannabis Products in Illinois


Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, THC, CBD .  . . THC Center has it all. We boast the largest medical marijuana inventory in Illinois. Our flowers are lab tested and must meet strict Illinois state guidelines. No matter what product or cultivator you choose, you can be assured your medicine is of the highest purity!


Vape cartridges, RSO, Oils and ‘dabs’ can all be found at THC Center. Extracts available in Illinois are put under strenuous testing to ensure a potent and pure product in a variety of strains and types.


A wide assortment of medicated consumables all crafted in Illinois. We stock a variety of marijuana infused chocolates, gummies, fruit chews, and so much more.  THC Center has options for anyone’s taste!


Alternative medicine providing the benefits of THC, CBD, and a wide variety of cannabinoids. Medicated lotion, balms, oils are just a few options to aid in your medical cannabis regiment.