Alien Rock Candy Terp Tank - Revolution

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Sour Dubble x Tahoe Alien



Alien Rock Candy by Alien Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid with an aroma as sweet as the name suggests. This Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien cross captures a fruity, citrus aroma that carries through until the exhale. Full relaxation of the mind and body make this strain ideal for the end of an active or stressful day, with a heaviness that segueways nicely into sleep. The effects may take a few minutes to peak, but Alien Rock Candy packs a powerful euphoric punch once it sets in. A good choice for both novice and expert growers alike, Alien Rock Candy finishes around 8 weeks into its flowering cycle.

Cannabinoid Profile

THC = 85.41%

THC-A = 0.11%

CBD = 0.79%

CBD-A = 0%


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